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Our History

Our History

1995- A group of concerned citizens gathers to address the challenges facing the area's youth.

1998- The same group of citizens worked with area teens to create a safe and productive place for young people. Later that year, funding was received from the Initiative Foundation to explore different options for youth services. The group selected a Boys & Girls Club model because of its success in other communities.

1999- Early this year, Leech Lake Housing Authority renovated an old hair salon for use as a Club space. Later in the year, a charter through the Boys and Girls Clubs of America was granted.

2000- On January 4th, the doors officially opened for area youth at the Cass Lake location, and was met with a great response.

2002- The George W. Neilson Foundation awarded the Club $24,000 to upgrade facilities and equipment. It had a huge impact- our membership and daily attendance increased by 30%.

2005- The BGCLLA Walker Club was accepted as a member of BGCA.

2006- The BGCLLA Deer River Club was accepted as a member of BGCA.

The Club is striving to increase our ability to serve more youth in our area. We are in the process of space analysis and long term sustainability. Our goal is to provide programming for all of our members in a safe, productive, and stimulating environment.

The Future-
While our achievements are extensive, we are committed to continuing to expand our services to reach more children. With the help of the individuals, corporations, and foundations who share our beliefs in the potential of all girls and boys, regardless of their circumstances, we look to the future with great optimism.

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