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Cass Lake Wish List

Cass Lake Club Wish List

Kitchen Needs
Industrial can opener
Large microwave
Toaster or toaster oven 
Crock pot
Roaster oven 
Coffee maker
Hand towels
Wash cloths
Plastic Sterilite bins (food storage)
Plastic/metal utensils, bowls, cups

Sports Equipment
Hula hoops
Jump ropes
Footballs, volleyballs, basketballs, nerf balls, dodgeballs, etc.
Tennis racquet and birdie
Board games (complete sets)
Xbox Games (for Kinect)

Other Needs
Books (1st grade reading level and a
Hygiene products
Craft supplies (popsicle sticks, colorful beads, glue sticks, glue bottles, etc.)
School supplies for our Power Hour store 
Unused cleaning supplies
Working musical instruments
AA Batteries
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