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VISTA Service

VISTA Service Opportunities

(Summer service: 6/8/15-8/2/15)

All Boys' and Girls' Club activities are designed to inspire and empower members to realize their full potential as caring, productive, and responsible citizens. VISTA Summer Associate (VSA) members will organize and conduct math and reading clubs and support other group activities designed to prevent or reduce summer learning loss. VSA members will mentor up to four youth over the summer. Click here to learn more!

Marketing and Fund Development Project
(Year-long service: 7/28/15-7/30/16)

The main goal of this project is for the VISTA to assist in developing and implementing new fund and volunteer development efforts. This includes developing a variety of community outreach strategies, marketing tools, increased media presence, special events, donor outreach, grant research/writing, and more! Overall, this project will help us operate more efficiently as well as reach further into the community to achieve greater result and affect positive outcomes for the children we serve. Click here to learn more!

Leech Lake Band/BGCLLA PCs for People Project
(Year-long service: 7/28/15-7/30/16)

In partnership with the PCs for People program and local institutions (library, schools, colleges, and the Tribe), the VISTA will establish a new PCs for People site within the Boys & Girls Club. This effort includes creating and implementing systems and processes for the intake of donated computers, computer refurbishing, the distribution of repaired computers to low-income households, and the recruitment of program participants. In collaboration with members of the IT community, the VISTA will also build the capacity for and design technical literacy courses for youth attending the Alternative Learning Center, teens at the Boys and Girls Club of the Leech Lake Area, and adult community members so that they gain valuable employment skills and experience. Click here to learn more!

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